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Tue Jul 20 18:12:36 EDT 2004

Andy Powell wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
>>I've heard that explanation before, I'm being a jerk and grousing.  My
>>preference would be for fuzziness over lack of interoperability.  I find
>>it telling that this question from
>><> goes unanswered:
> I'd be interested to know if you find the draft DCMI Abstract Model at
> helpful with respect to these issues.

(dc:creator with a literal value is shorthand for saying the dc:creator 
is an anonymous resource with a rdfs:label of the specified literal value.)

I find such a convenient rule a bit troubling for the same reason I find 
the psuedocode rule for the equivalence of dc:creator with a literal 
value and a foaf:maker with a foaf:name of the same literal spoken 
mentioned above -- these rules aren't expressed in the relevant schemas. 
     I'm sure there are excellent reasons, though it feels unfortunate 
to require software to special case such informal rules.  Has anyone 
created a RDF library, or schema (using OWL equivalence?) that attempts 
to encapsulate such rules?

   Mike Linksvayer

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