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Oh, and what a burden that responsibility can be!

On the other hand, there's the idealistic feeling of a growing number of
people, that the community that supports such efforts as the
www.archive.org project will continue to become a true force in our
world's societies.  

Back in the old days, before the Internet, a similar infrastructure
existed in many parts of the globe.  Word-of-mouth amongst community
members effectively marginalized or eliminated many markets for those
who abused the trust of the residents.  Businesses were shunned, leading
to their closing or having to "move on" as they were not viewed as

Will that approach work on the Internet?  It should.  

www.archive.org may be responsible for removing uploaded files when an
abuse is reported, but the community that supports such efforts also has
a responsibility to assist in that effort.  It is not a mind-set that
views Brewster Kahle as one more corporate giant that "must" look out
for the public.  Rather, Brewster Kahle relies on the world community to
help the public look out for itself.

We poor folks have no money, so we must draw on resources that reflect
value in other ways.  Give us the opportunity to "sweat equity" our
participation in www.archive.org, or www.creativecommons.org projects,
if, by no other means, than possibly being able to alert those projects
of abuse, and we all win.

An Independent Artist sent an email to me, and stated he had received
reports that his material was being sold in another part of the world
without permission, or royalties arrangements being made.  I asked if he
had a Digital Age Fan Club over there, which might help identify and
track down the culprits, as the first step.  Needless to say, this
fellow now is embarked on setting up his Fan Club to cover the world,
and help him monitor his work.  He will be one of the most ardent
supporters of CC-licensing for the rest of his life, I think.
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 10:33, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
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> I do strongly suggest taking advantage of the 
> free-as-in-someone-else-is-paying-for-it hosting, bandwidth, and 
> curation offered by http://archive.org and similar.  Most importantly 
> for this discussion is curation -- if it turns out a work shouldn't have 
> been uploaded, the Archive is responsible for removing it.
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