licence in mp3

pinna pinna at
Tue Feb 24 15:11:13 EST 2004

Mike Linksvayer wrote:
> zanatta1 at wrote:
>> Can you tall me if I have to insert RDF metada in mp3 or only the URI 
>> of the licence.
> The URI of the license as part of a licensing statement.
>> I have seen an example to tag licence info in mp3 ID3!!
>> What is the meaning of in 
> would contain RDF that confirms the 
> licensing statement embedded in the ID3 tag.
> See for an explanation.

I also suggest italian people to contact the italian discussion mailing 
list about Creative Commons:

and have a look to the italian web page:

And please don't use HTML format for your e-mails, as long as some 
people cannot read them. Please use instead the standard text/plain format.


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