Adopting foaf:Agent, also foaf:tipjar proposal

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at
Thu Feb 19 08:27:19 EST 2004

So would the tipjar be specified as part of the Work information?  This 
seems like a good fit for mozCC to support, so I'd like to add it if 
we're to that point.  Thoughts?


Mike Linksvayer wrote:

> As I've mentioned 
> <> 
> I'd like to adopt foaf:Agent in place of cc:Agent.  See example 
> current vis foafified use at 
> <>. 
>    Most response I've gotten to this is positive, so I'm planning to 
> move ahead shortly.
> I think it makes sense to make cc:Agent a subclass of foaf:Agent, 
> though I wouldn't recommend using the former going forward (are there 
> any conventions for deprecating RDF Schema classes short of using OWL 
> <>, 
> and is there any reason not to add OWL to the CC schema?>
> Also, see <> 
> for a foaf:tipjar proposal.  Lots of people are building on FOAF, but 
> a tipjar property could be particularly interesting for CC users -- 
> soliciting donations flows naturally from free content offerings, and 
> lots of people seem to expect CC to do something in this area.  Adding 
> support for a generic pointer to a tipjar seems like a very 
> low-cost/risk way to get started.
> I have a lame imagination, but how about a metadata-aware media player 
> that makes a "$", or "donate", or "patron" button active when playing 
> media that is associated with metadata that specifies a tipjar URI as 
> a 0th-generation app?

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