mozCC 0.7.7 Now Available

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at
Thu Feb 12 09:28:40 EST 2004

I'm pleased to announce the release of mozCC 0.7.7.  This release fixes 
several major bugs and adds a small amount of functionality.  Primary 
changes include the following:

* BUG FIX: middle-click and ctrl-click to open a link in a new 
window/tab is no longer broken by mozCC
* BUG FIX: windows opened with no toolbar no longer cause Firefox (and 
possibly Mozilla) to crash unceremoniously
* BUG FIX: RDF specified with a <link> tag is now properly retrieved and 
* BUG FIX: the Home button is no longer disabled when mozCC is installed 
(this occured intermittently and was not widely reported)
* Non-HTML documents, including SVG and SMIL, are now properly parsed 
for RDF blocks

You can install mozCC by visiting  Users of 0.7.5 are 
encouraged to try the Upgrade button contained in mozCC preferences.  
mozCC preferences are located under the Advanced area in Mozilla and 
Netscape, and from the Extensions list in Firefox/Firebird. 

The Upgrade button is still considered experimental, but has worked in 
most tests.  Bug reports relating to the Upgrade button, and mozCC in 
general, are welcome; please send them to mozcc at

MozDev has been experiencing a heavy load lately so some web pages still 
refer to 0.7.5 as the current release; this will be updated as soon as 
CVS comes back online.  As always, the latest news and updates are 
posted at

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