query re content not covered by cc license

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Thu Aug 5 23:53:27 EDT 2004

Marc A. Garrett wrote:
> If you look at the bottom of the page, I've made a human-friendly 
> acknowledgement that I don't own the images in the article.

That looks good to me.

> But if you 
> look at the source code, the images aren't mentioned in the Creative 
> Commons license. I'm not sure how I'd handle the suggestion of 
> "<dc:rights>(c) 2004 Bob Cook</dc:rights>," because my templating system 
> inserts the same license on all site pages.

A very common situation, and a key reason the metadata we hand out makes 
a statement about the current resource -- you can put it in a template 
and it is valid for any page that uses the template, no munging needed.

I think it is ok to leave the exceptions out of your metadata.  The 
metadata isn't supposed to be exact -- it isn't intended for driving 
DRM.  It helps with discovery, but a user has to look and see exactly 
what work is being offered, there being so many ways to slice a "work."

   Mike Linksvayer

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