Mike Linksvayer ml at
Mon Oct 20 17:48:55 EDT 2003

Lucas Gonze, who has popped in on this list before, has been blogging a 
lot about SMIL playlists recently.  I haven't ever been into playlists, 
but <> pointing at 
really caught my attention for two reasons:

* It demonstrates client-side remixing -- the end user hears a remix, 
specified by the SMIL file, but no remix is published in the form of a 
mp3 or similar -- the "sources" are untouched.

* More apropos to this list, I read (excerpt from above SMIL)

This playlist is free to use and modify in any way you want, except that
the modified version must include this notice and must include a link
to the version of the playlist that you based your modifications on.
author:  Jim Nachlin

Now this is cool because it grants the user permission to use and modify 
the playlist and charts its ancestry.  But it would be even cooler if 
this were done using a CC license and RDF.

I don't know much of anything about SMIL, but I note that it does 
include a specification for publishing RDF/XML metadata inline 

It would be cool if someone did some research and cooked up some 
examples of including CC license RDF in SMIL for the purposes of 
denoting that the SMIL playlist itself is published under a CC license 
or that individual components of the playlist are CC licensed.  Even 
better if you can use dc:source to specify parent playlists/works.

Anyone want to do this or help with the wording to make it a new tech 
challenge <>?


(I note that SVG has a similar metadata capability 

   Mike Linksvayer

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