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Kevin Marks cc at mediagora.com
Wed Oct 8 20:55:39 EDT 2003

Issues with CC confusion here.

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> From: John Buckman <john at magnatune.com>
> Date: Wed Oct 8, 2003  12:32:47  PM US/Pacific
> To: Janko Roettgers <janko.roettgers at web.de>
> Cc: pho at onehouse.com
> Subject: re: Magnatune: How do you try before you buy? (Re: pho:  
> Magnatune in Wired news today)
>> Magnatune makes heavy use of shareware and file sharing in it's
>> rhetoric, suggesting you could somehow try the music and then
>> eventually buy it if you find it worth paying.  However,
>> visiting your site all I found was some streams. There was no chance
>> to download any of the tracks in order to try or share it.
> Streams are what the vast majority of users want, because I can queue  
> up an album's worth and the music starts immediately. So, that's what  
> the user interface features most prominently.
> Downloading of songs is available, by clicking 'license' and then  
> choosing "Non-Commercial (Creative Commons)".
> You then get a page which says:
> ---
> No paid license is required for non-commercial use.
> You must meet the legal requirement for "non-commercial use" as  
> defined by the Creative Commons License which governs all Magnatune  
> MP3 files.
> Please note that if you are a "non-profit institution" this does not  
> necessarily imply that your use is "non-commercial". Please consult  
> the license for details.
> You must abide by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike use  
> restrictions placed by the license.
> If you meet these requirements, you may now download the MP3s for this  
> album.
> --
> It's a little out the way, because I found that when I made  
> downloading super-easy (ie, no legal 'non-commercial use' warning),  
> commercial users of music were using the music w/o a license, seeing  
> "creative commons" (but not reading the license) and "download" and  
> thinking "great, royalty-free music!" -- so I wanted to give those  
> folks a "heads up" about what use was allowed. Yes, I really did get  
> email like that.
>> Not that this is essentially wrong. I certainly don't think every
>> musician has to offer MP3 downloads on his page. But in light of your
>> rhetoric - and the Creative Commons license which now only seems to
>> allow stuff that is not possible without buying the tracks - it makes
>> me wonder if all that talk about "open music" is a little exaggerated?
> Creative Commons users can download w/o buying, and I know of a few  
> film schools that send their students to Magnatune as a source for  
> music in the class projects, and I really like and encourage that kind  
> of thing.
> -john
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