cc metadata for rss feeds question

tom poe tompoe at
Sat Jul 26 01:57:16 EDT 2003

Hi:  I need to find out what is best way to include info for .ogg files
and creative commons license when setting up rss feed for our music

The idea is that each listing should be forwarded to an rss feed app and
available as a site for downloadable songs in .ogg file format and each
song from the site will have registered with the Creative Commons

The first thought, is that the site is registered with the Creative
Commons Project, and each song is registered by the creator of the song,
so it wouldn't be necessary to include it in the rss feed.  But, maybe
there's an easy way to include it, just to enhance exposure for the
Creative Commons Project?

Any thoughts appreciated.
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV

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