Metadata in Images / Photoshop file information

Mike Linksvayer ml at
Mon Jul 21 14:29:34 EDT 2003

Jan-Peter Homann wrote:
> Photoshop has a menue-entry  "file information" for storing metadata 
> information with the image.
> (I´m using the german version where it is called "Datei Information")
> It would be very helpful to collect information at Creative Commons how
> to use this possibilities in the field of digital images and Creative
> Commons Licenses.
> This metadata works also with JPEG, TIFF, EPS and PDF Files. So
> it is nothing special from Adobe.

Probably the metadata is XMP <>,
which is from Adobe, but is an open format.  I briefly mentioned XMP
before <>
and do have creating guidelines for CC license info in XMP (which is RDF-
based) and sample code on my TODO list.

I haven't investigated yet, but I've heard that it should be possible to
create a XMP plugin for CC license metadata which would allow users of
XMP-aware Adbobe products to read and write (where applicable) CC
license metadata in supported formats.  If anyone would like to take
up this research, please let me know!

> There should be several applications on the market incl. search engines, 
> which are able to read and index this metada. At the moment, I don´t 
> know, where to find more informations about such applications / search 
> engines

I'm interested in this too...

> :-) Jan-Peter

Thanks! (-:

   Mike Linksvayer

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