Usage question for cclookup and cctag

Mike Linksvayer ml at
Mon Jul 14 16:43:23 EDT 2003

Ryan Booker wrote:
> Thanks.  Piece of cake.

That's a pleasant surprise.

> Luckily I have gentoo that manages all these packages nicely.
> They have a script that runs ontop of CSPAN and retrieves all the
> packages automatically, check's if their in portage etc.  Very simple
> really.

Great idea piggypacking CPAN on CSPAN's bandwidth.  I suppose political 
speeches contain very little information (i.e., are highly 
compressible), leaving plenty for useful stuff, like transmitting Perl 
modules. :-)

> I've replaced the TCOP and SHA.  All seems to work fine now.  The
> discography page is still a placeholder while I develop the new site,
> but likes it.

Looks great and it works!

Just one (optional) thing you had in the RDF previously that I think 
will prove useful:


It'd also be nice to give the user some indication of what 
"verification" means, perhaps by footnoting "Mp3 License Verification". 
  Footnote could read something like "Creative Commons 
Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial license applies to file(s) noted 
above. View page source to see machine-readable license verification code."

   Mike Linksvayer

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