Usage question for cclookup and cctag

Mike Linksvayer ml at
Sun Jul 13 09:23:31 EDT 2003

Ryan Booker wrote:
> As we were discussing last week, I'm now trying to use the perl scripts
> cclookup and cctag.
> I'm a perl novice, so what do I need to do to use these on linux.

First, save and from <>. 
Right click on the links and choose "Save Link Target As..."

Open a shell and cd to the directory where you saved the files.  Make 
them executable.

     chmod +x

At this point you can try to run one of them


It will probably fail due to all of the perl modules it requires not 
being installed.

Required perl modules are documented in README-cctag.txt, available via 
the aforementioned URL, with relevant portion copied below.  (I haven't 
packaged these yet, that's why each file needs to be downloaded 
individually.  People comfortable with CVS can use that.)  cctag 
requires a superset of the modules required by cclookup, so you don't 
need to look the latter's README.

Before installing the Perl modules you'll have to install one C library 
used by one of the perl modules.  Probably the easiest way to install 
the library is by downloading 
and using rpm to install, e.g.,

     rpm -Uvh id3lib-3.8.3-1.i386.rpm

You could also download and build from source via <>.

The easiest way to install Perl modules is by running

     perl -MCPAN -e shell

In the CPAN shell, type

     install <module name>

for each required module, i.e.,

     install Convert::Base32
     install MP3::Tag
     install MP3::ID3Lib

These commands will download and install the modules and any modules 
they depend upon.  After running exiting the CPAN shell, try running as above.  If it still complains you might try installing the 
modules listed below following "These are probably already installed."

Assuming you get this far (argh, painful, I know, sorry!) the 
READMEs/help printed out when you run the scripts with no arguments 
should be relatively crystal clear.

Please bug me if anything doesn't work for you!


     You will probably have to install these:



             Tagged requires
    which you
             may need to install.


             MP3::ID3Lib requires the C library

             Note that in order to compile id3lib on OS X you will need
             to pass a flag to configure:

             ./configure CXX=g++2

     These are probably already installed:





   Mike Linksvayer

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