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Ryan Booker ryanbooker at
Wed Jul 9 19:17:10 EDT 2003

Firstly, the download/discography page being the same as a the
verification page is a great idea.  Fits my overall site plan better
too.  ;)

Secondly, responses....

Mike answered Ryan:
> === TCOP (Copyright message): 2003, The Buzzeddie Family.  Some
> Reserved.  Licensed under
> verify at
> just to feel safe
> * The second URL should be encoded, like

No problem.  Probaly wont need that at all, considering the above
discography/verification page comments...

> * The hash published at the above URL doesn't match that of the file

I'm not sure what you mean by "the hash"?  Please clarify, I'm keen to
iron all this out before putting the "real" site and content live.

> * The content of TCOP should be "2003 The Buzzeddie Family licensed
> the public under
> verify at

No problem.  Didn't realise this was a standard, I only thought the
"verify at" was the standard.  Makes sense to have a complete TCOP

> * Also, not required but nice: the verification page should include
> download link.  Ideally the normal album/song or whatever page a
> would navigate to on your website would also serve as the
> page.  Again, this isn't strictly necessary, but some people have
> pointed out to me that making the download and verification page one

Yeah it definately would have a download link in the final site.
Those verify pages were just examples.  As stated above the
discography/verification being one in the same is a great idea.

> the same aids the curious user who views source or views mp3
> and also aids search engines -- each can easily discover the file,
> download page and the RDF metadata starting from either the file or
> download/verification page.

Also puts it in the users face when they visit the site rather than
them having to follow a link buried in a file they probably wont look
at.  This would serve the purpose of raising awareness of the use of
embedded licenses and that there are artists who value the ability to
trade files and the benefits trading gives listeners and musicians (at
least those who aren't madonna).

> Thanks a ton for working through this!  I'll definitely refine our
> guidelines based on your experience.

No problem.  I live in Australia, but have been following creative
commons and "lessig"'s work since learning of them.  Really great
ideas.  Getting the mug punter to understand and/or care is now the

We don't even have a real fair use doctrine in this country, which
makes open licenses even more important.  I wonder if it could be
extended to explicitly add fair use rights etc to a hard media (ie


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