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Mike Linksvayer ml at
Wed Jul 9 18:07:48 EDT 2003

Ryan Booker wrote:
> 1. From the other bits I've read, it seems the aim is for the program
> being used to play/download etc the mp3 to follow the verification
> link, not the user.  Is this correct?

Yes, though ideally the verification link should be presented nicely for 
users who bother to manually follow it.

> 2. Presumably the verification should be human readable as well.  If
> there were more than one work unit on the on the page (I can't really
> see people creating potentially 100s of separate verification pages),
> have you thought about ways of presenting this information to humans
> that isn't confusing?

The challenge differs little from any page that displays multiple items. 
  I'd add a no/some rights reserved logo and license statement like "the 
audio files on this page are under a CC license", adding "except where 
otherwise noted" or "where noted" if you have a mix of licenses on the page.

To be really cool, after the license statement add something like "RDF 
metadata embedded in this page verifies the licenses of these files". 
And "Read more about this", linking to 

> I've done another example layout.  This displays everything on the one
> page.  But you could more easily have one page per album (this is more
> reasonable than one page per work).  I guess you could automate
> everything making 1 page per work reasonable too.

Looks pretty good, just a few commeents:

=== TCOP (Copyright message): 2003, The Buzzeddie Family.  Some Rights
Reserved.  Licensed under verify at,album=talking
just to feel safe

* The second URL should be encoded, like,album=talking%20just%20to%20feel%20safe

* The hash published at the above URL doesn't match that of the file at

* The content of TCOP should be "2003 The Buzzeddie Family licensed to 
the public under 
verify at,album=talking%20just%20to%20feel%20safe"

* Also, not required but nice: the verification page should include a 
download link.  Ideally the normal album/song or whatever page a user 
would navigate to on your website would also serve as the verification 
page.  Again, this isn't strictly necessary, but some people have 
pointed out to me that making the download and verification page one and 
the same aids the curious user who views source or views mp3 metadata 
and also aids search engines -- each can easily discover the file, 
download page and the RDF metadata starting from either the file or the 
download/verification page.

Thanks a ton for working through this!  I'll definitely refine our 
guidelines based on your experience.

   Mike Linksvayer

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