facilitating license terms

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Thu Jul 3 15:11:30 EDT 2003

John Kwasnik wrote:
>      Actually, I will be providing my MIDI arrangements under a CC 
> attribution license.  The question is how people are facilitating the 
> use of their work ... do you assume that every potential user can deal 
> with the minimal requirements of maintaining the link to the CC license, 
> or are people doing "howto" pages?
>      I'm thinking of past practice, going back 10 years, where folks 
> freely "borrowed" MIDI files as low-bandwidth background music for their 
> personal web pages.  (Strictly speaking, this use OUGHT to be considered 
> "private", or otherwise exempt from copyright restrictions as fair use, 
> but we now live on this particular version of planet Earth.)  Many of 
> these potential users might have trouble figuring out how to comply.
>      So I just thought that others have been here already, and could 
> provide links to their sites, to show how they deal with it.

If people use CC licensed work in their work, they minimally need to 
publish the license URL or the license iteself.  Depending upon the 
license used there may be other requirements (e.g., credit to the 
original licensor in the case of attribution licenses).

We don't (yet) have documentation aimed explicitly at re-users, but if 
anyone has a good example please point it out!

   Mike Linksvayer

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