embedding metadata in MIDI?

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Thu Jul 3 13:29:39 EDT 2003

Kevin Shrieve wrote:
> And is that considered to be "machine-readable"?

Yes.  A program can easily extract the license and (more importantly) 
license claim verification URLs.  Originally I wanted to recommend 
duplicating the latter in a URL-only field (WCOP) for programmer 
convenience but decided against it.  See 

> Is it anticipated that 
> a search engine harvesting files with a particular license would use the 
> first URL in the "copyright event" as the search criterion?

Applications should follow the second (license claim verification) link 
and obtain/index license RDF from there.  Without looking at the 
verification page, the first (license url) should be considered ... 

   Mike Linksvayer

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