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Mike Linksvayer ml at
Thu Jul 3 12:29:21 EDT 2003

Ryan Booker wrote:
> I'm very interested in this and have an implementation question:
> Would there be a separate verification page for evey piece of
> work/mp3?
> Or, would you create a verify.php or something attached to a db of
> works and licenses etc and embed a url like the following in the mp3:
> verify at,album=albumname
> then display the approriate info after parsing the url.

You can have one verification page per file, or include RDF for multiple 
files in one page.  For the latter, just repeat the Work element for 
each file the page verifies.

As stated at <>:

   rdf:RDF contains one or more Work elements. The value of their
   rdf:about attributes are content-based URIs that can be verified by
   the user (in this case, a sha1 URN).

Suggestions for making this clearer welcome.

Ideally the HTML portion of the verification page also includes download 
links (could include verifcation RDF in an existing download page), 
minimizing the number of pages to maintain and maximizing the 
possibility that curious users and search engines will learn about the 

Even if one doesn't want to or isn't able to host the files verified, 
MAGNET <> links may be published allowing P2P 
download (the SHA1 hash typically used in MAGNET links is already 
available as part of the verificatiton RDF).

> How are spaces in names handled or recommended to be handled in such
> cases?

Escape as '%20'.  See <>.

> eg
> This page is static at the moment, but it would make sense for me that
> it
> be used for all mp3s...

Your RDF looks great.  Too bad I can't download the file in question and 
attempt verification "due to FeaturePrice's incompetence" 
<>. :-(

   Mike Linksvayer

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