[cc-licenses] CC ShareAlike: Include a requirement for source form of the work?

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sun Feb 1 18:30:31 EST 2015

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On 01/02/15 01:31 AM, Cc wrote:
> It rejected idiocy which can't be bad. When I take a photo there is
> 20mb raw file to start with off with. This will normally get
> converted to a tiff file as the first stage of processing, now we
> have 40mb of source. Then I'll start using layers and saving in a
> format that supports them, with three blending layers the TIFF file
> is at 100Mb. Frequently there will be 5 or six layers used and the
> file will be in 150 - 200Mb or an average of 6 images per Gb.

And if someone wants to modify the image with the same degree of
freedom (...same range of options) that's the version they'd need.

> A free flickr account with 1Tb of storage wouldn't be sufficient to
> hold the number of images I have there already. As it is with jpeg
> uploads flickr tells me that I've used under 0.5% of the allotted
> space. If a requirement is that one makes available several Tb of
> data, the most likely response is going to be: 
> http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/284/529/e65.gif

Netflix users download ~2GB/hour to watch a movie.

> I recently took 6 minutes of HD video the resulting file is 800Mb
> and I've not begun to process it yet. A family member works with 
> professional broadcast film and they rarely handle file packages
> that are less that 100Gb.

How do *they* share them?

Remember that the GPL allows you to charge costs to deliver the source
"on a durable physical medium". So if it would take two dozen hard
disks to send me the source, that's what I would have to pay for.

A source requirement isn't going to be added, but it's not as
outlandish for professional/semi-professional production as it might seem.

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