[cc-licenses] minor textual changes

Sarah Pearson sarah at creativecommons.org
Thu Sep 26 17:21:07 EDT 2013

We received input from an affiliate team off-list, which has sparked us to
make a few minor edits to the license. Those changes will be reflected in
the html versions soon, but we also wanted to report about them on-list.

The first change is to edit the phrase "Your Adapter's License" to "the
Adapter's License You apply." There are four places in the license where
this phrase is used. The change is designed to avoid any interpretation
that "Your Adapter's License" is somehow different from the "Adapter's
License" as defined.

The second change is to add "to the extent possible" to Section 5(c), so
that it is consistent with Sections 5(a-b).

Other suggestions relating to Section 2(a)(5) will be addressed in a
separate thread on that particular issue.

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