[cc-licenses] Deed and legal code integration proposal outcome

Kat Walsh kat at creativecommons.org
Tue Sep 17 22:57:13 EDT 2013

One issue raised by affiliates during the 4.0 process is whether the deed
and the legal code should be integrated onto one page. After considering
the suggestion, we do not plan to do this right now.

The main reason would be to increase the chance that a user seeing the
license conditions on the deed also sees the legal code. We would like to
encourage this in general, and it could improve enforceability in many
jurisdictions. However, due to the way the licenses are currently
maintained, it would be difficult to do this reasonably. The license pages
currently contain both legal code and non-legal code elements all together
in the HTML document. Unless we were to split out the legal code from the
rest of the HTML, the options for display still require the deed and legal
code to be treated separately and are difficult to display together.

Relatedly, we now have a wiki page about the legal code, explaining what is
and is not legal code, and how CC maintains it:

Though we are not taking this suggestion now, in the future we may consider
maintaining the legal code separately from the other elements of the page,
so that it may be manipulated and displayed on its own without introducing
errors. (Those subscribed to cc-devel will have seen this thought already.
[1]) However, we're not planning to focus on this before launch. We may
revisit this decision if that happens; if we do, of course, we remain
committed to the idea that all URLs CC has published for its licenses
should remain valid.
[1]: http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-devel/2013-April/001767.html


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