[cc-licenses] Draft 4 discussion period: license drafts and open issues

Kat Walsh kat at creativecommons.org
Mon Sep 16 19:34:58 EDT 2013

I hope that everyone has gotten a chance to read through draft 4 of 4.0
BY-NC-SA, distributed a few days ago. The other 5 licenses are now posted
along with it:


This is the final comment period, which we expect to use for making a few
final adjustments, rather than reopening previously-settled issues or
opening new issues beyond those where we're specifically seeking feedback.
There are two issues in this draft which have changed and on which we are
still seeking comment, which we are calling particular attention to so
everyone is aware of them before the license is published. These are also
already mentioned on the wiki.


In the Attribution section, the URI requirement now more closely resembles
3.0, in that URIs must be retained if supplied with the licensed material.
The requirement to indicate modifications is now independent of the URI
requirement, and indications of prior modifications to a licensed work must
also be retained.

More details on the Attribution page:
Attribution comparison chart (.pdf):


In the ShareAlike licenses, there is now an express permission for
downstream users to comply with all obligations to all upstream licensors
with reference to the terms and conditions of the Adapter's License. (This
is for ShareAlike only; the BY and BY-NC licenses do not include this

More details on the ShareAlike page:

Thanks for your attention, and for all of your thoughtful feedback thus far.


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