[cc-licenses] Trademark attribution loophole?

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sat Sep 14 20:15:46 EDT 2013

On 14/09/13 03:14 PM, James Grimmelmann wrote:
> But to avoid doubt, it would be better
> either:
> * to modify 2(b)(2) to say that trademark rights are licensed to the
> extent needed to comply with an identification requirement, or
> * to modify 3(a)(1)(A)(i) to say that the identification condition is
> waived if "the manner requested by the Licensor" would impose legal
> liability or additional legal obligations on the licensee.

The former would be better as it would ensure the fewest surprises for

But I think the latter should be used, as it will ensure the fewest
surprises for trademark holders of the "waah! Creative Commons stole my
trademarks!" kind.

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