[cc-licenses] Draft statement of intent for ShareAlike licenses

Kat Walsh kat at creativecommons.org
Thu Nov 14 13:28:59 EST 2013

This is a draft of a statement of intent for future versions of the
ShareAlike licenses:


This is being posted for comment and discussion now; the comment
period will last until after the new year, which we expect to conclude
with a finalized version later in January.

Because of the new provision in the license that allows for SA
licensees to use SA works in Adapted Material under the conditions of
a later license, we will be publishing a statement of intent for these
licenses which will publicly commit to some elements that we intend to
keep constant in future versions. We hope that such a statement will
address some concerns raised about what may happen with future
versions of SA, and what it means for them as licensors.

Many of you are familiar with the existing statement of intent on the
scope of ShareAlike:

This statement will not replace the existing document: it will be in
addition to the commitments made there.

A few important points:

* There are some things in this draft that we are proposing for
discussion, not because we expect them to meet with universal
agreement, and we hope that it will start discussion. It is unlikely
that the final document will have the same list of commitments.

* One issue for consideration is whether this should be a continuation
of the previous statement of intent, and combined with it, or a
separate document. Another is whether the commitments in this document
should apply to both the BY-SA and the BY-NC-SA licenses (some of the
previous commitments are obviously applicable to BY-SA only, but this
could be addressed).

* We expect this is an incomplete list. Some suggestions for
additional topics are already mentioned in the document; please
mention others that you think should be included.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration; we look forward to engaging
in this discussion.


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