[cc-licenses] TPMs & Open Access

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Thu Jan 17 11:31:36 EST 2013

Hello Heather,

<quote name="Heather Morrison" date="2013-01-16" time="13:06:47 -0800">
> One question that I have which comes up with respect to open access
> works: what about paywalls imposed by a downstream licensor that are
> not applied TO the work, but rather something people need to address
> in order to get TO the work. I'm not sure if it is even possible to
> preclude this - most of us have to pay for internet access, so one
> could argue that everything on the internet is behind a paywall.

You point to the general underpinning of the issue; everything in the
world, unfortunately, costs something to gain access to, other than air
(for now).

It has never been the interpretation of CC, to my knowledge, that a
paywall (or other login mechanism) was a TPM.

Keep in mind the reason for the TPM clause is to address the DRM issue,
which prevents people *who already have the file/work* from using it in
ways that the license allows. It isn't about people gaining access to
the file/work in the first place.



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