[cc-licenses] Changes to attribution: your attention wanted

Kat Walsh kat at creativecommons.org
Tue Oct 16 16:45:49 EDT 2012

Thanks for all of your input so far. One of the affiliates sent a
comment which raised questions I wanted to ask more widely:

Several of the attribution elements are required to be included only
if the licensor supplies them. (So, for example, if you publish a work
anonymously, no one is required to credit you by name if you didn't
give your name to begin with.) In some contexts it is usually clear
what is being supplied with the work--information that appears on
title pages and front covers of books, for example. In some contexts
it isn't clear at all.

What does it mean for some piece of the required attribution to be
supplied with the work?

Is it good enough for an element that a licensor thinks should be
required (such as a copyright notice) to appear only in the terms of
use page on the site where it's hosted, for example? What if it
appears on an "about me" or "about this site" page? Or must
information actually appear on the same page as the licensed work (or,
for different mediums, as close to the work as possible) to be
considered to be supplied along with it? Thoughtful discussion
welcome, especially if you have good questions we should be asking but

And one more: should the license itself say anything about this at
all, or should it be left to outside guidance (such as the FAQ, or
marking guidelines)?


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