[cc-licenses] Changes to attribution: your attention wanted

Kat Walsh kat at creativecommons.org
Thu Oct 4 20:23:10 EDT 2012

It looks like there is some rough agreement on two issues, and I want
to pull them out to see if it's true, and to solicit comment
particularly from people who don't agree.

First, that preserving copyright notices is generally desirable, the
benefits outweighing the likelihood of abuse.

Second, that "describe" changes is too heavy a requirement to comply
with, but that a less heavy version might work.

On the second, I like the suggestion of "document" (or maybe "note")
as the verb, and would encourage suggestions along those lines of
something that doesn't imply that proper attribution requires writing
an essay. (A strictly technical indication, such as diffs on
Wikipedia, or a brief note such as "translated from Polish", is among
the sort of thing we are considering as being compliant.) This is
still just a possibility rather than something definitely going into
4.0--but we're interested in a version which doesn't impose too heavy
a burden.

(I think we are inclined to mention it as a best practice whether or
not it ends up strictly required.)

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