[cc-licenses] Attribution: licenses should not require excessive credit

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sun Jan 15 07:51:56 EST 2012

On 14/01/12 23:25, Francesco Poli wrote:
> If "a credit for all contributing authors [...] appears", credit for
> the licensor must be "at least as prominent as the credits for the
> other contributing authors".
> Even when the licensor's contribution is *not* comparable to others!
> I think that this restriction is excessive

Agreed. The hope that "reasonable to the medium", "in any reasonable
manner" and "to the extent practicable" gives is dashed by "at least as

A good example to consider as an example is a heavily sample-based piece
of music. This can be handled by having *no* credits in print or
screen-based materials, just in metadata, but that's not much of a solution.

That said, how are we to measure precisely when contributions are or are
not comparable? Equal attribution removes the burden of arguments over
what is and is not a comparable contribution. How can upstream
attribution be changed to be fair and manageable without introducing
burdensome new requirements and social conflicts?

And moral rights do make this trickier for cultural works than for software.

> and fails to meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines

I think that BY's advertising clause alone is sufficient to consider
with regards to the DFSG. Unless individual 4-clause BSD licensed
libraries are DFSG-free but programs that link to several of them are not.

- Rob.

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