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Two quick comments:
1) Splitting the licences into Non-Commercial and Non-Profit would lead to an increase in the number of licences offered to users, and over-complicate the licence selection process.  It would also lead to increased problems regarding licence compatibility etc.  We should be loooking at fewer licences in an ideal world rather than more.
2) In the education sector, the "non-profit" (or even non-commercial) category can perhaps lead to unintended consequences where some universities / colleges may be proft-making and some not.  For example in Ireland we have private colleges which have good reputations but might not be able to use material issued under a non-prooft or non-commercial licence.
http://www.ucc.ie/law/irishlaw/creativecommons/ <http://www.ucc.ie/law/irishlaw/creativecommons/> 


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Gregor Hagedorn <g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com>

> A non-profit license would be nice, but a serious question: Can anyone
> come up with a globally applicable definition of non-profit?

I have another serious question: Why is a non-profit license nice? It's
not obvious to me, and it doesn't fit with the ideals of free culture as
I understand them.

Why should it matter whether culture, freely shared to all recipients
under non-discriminatory terms and permitting further sharing the same
way, is making a profit? That strikes me as something to be celebrated,
rather than denied through a license clause.

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