[cc-licenses] Use cases for cc by-sa compatibility with GPL

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Wed Jan 4 07:46:52 EST 2012

Francesco Poli <invernomuto at paranoici.org>

> On Mon, 2 Jan 2012 16:51:52 -0500 drew Roberts wrote:
> > 'If the work can properly be considered code,
> I think that this sentence is meaningless: everything (that may be
> processed by a computer) is code.
> Hence, if we are speaking about a digitally represented work, we are
> speaking about code.

I would agree if the term is “software”: all digital information is
software (as opposed to the hardware that contains it).

I think by “code”, though, Drew means “program code”.

Drew, would it be fair to re-state that clause as “If the work can
properly be considered a program”?

If so, then I don't understand why that distinction is important. Why
should we support dividing up the freedoms in a work depending on
whether the recipient can use it as a program?

Do recipients of non-program works deserve fewer freedoms?

> > and there exists a "preferred form of the work for making
> > modifications to it"
> Again, this condition is always satisfied.
> Any work that may be processed by a computer, may be modified.
> Among the possible forms, there always exists one that is preferred for
> making modifications.


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