[cc-licenses] Catalogue right to CC 4.0

Mäkinen Kaisa Kaisa.Makinen at hel.fi
Wed Feb 15 11:15:41 EST 2012


Having database right included in the future CC 4.0 is a very welcome change, thank you for the CC-community for that. I would, though, very much like to see also the so-called catalogue right included in the CC 4.0.

The catalogue right exists in the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). To my knowledge, it does not exist anywhere else, but I would be interested to know if that is true. The catalogue right is a neighboring right, or sui generis -right, much like the EU database right.  Actually, the Nordic catalogue rights were a sort of model for EU database right. The scopes of these two rights are very similar, and in part, overlapping, so that a work can have both the sui generis database right and the catalogue right protection. Therefore, including the catalogue right in CC 4.0, assuming that the sui generis database right will be included, should be rather easy by, for example, simply linking them to the sui generis right in those jurisdiction where the catalogue right exists.

Kaisa Mäkinen

Legal Counsel, LL.M
Helsinki Region Infoshare (www.hri.fi)

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