[cc-licenses] Version 4:0:Rebranding "noncommercial" to "commercial rights reserved": please don't!

Heather Morrison hgmorris at sfu.ca
Mon Apr 16 18:20:57 EDT 2012

For Drew:

Allowing noncommercial uses is different from reserving commercial rights. For example, a creator may have no intention of commercializing a work, but rather wish to express that a work does not belong to the realm of things to be commercialized.

From a technical / legal standpoint, this may be difficult if not impossible to distinguish from "commercial rights reserved". From the perspective of expressing what a creator wishes to share, however, there can be a world of difference. From my viewpoint, if CC were to force a choice between "commercial rights reserved" and no reserving commercial rights, then CC becomes all about commercialization, which to me is not at all the vision of the commons. This reinforces an unfortunate tendency in our society to see everything in commodity terms. For this reason, a CC with no noncommercial and "commercial rights reserved" would be something to avoid.

It would be good to have a have positive statement than "noncommercial", but I'm not sure what to suggest. For me, "commons" is what this should be (someday).


Heather Morrison

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