[cc-licenses] derivatives and source

adam adam at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 6 12:11:19 EDT 2012


With the new licenses is it possible to ask for the source to be 
provided in works that are licensed to allow derivatives? I know this 
issue mainly from the field of books. Now that open publishing (etc) is 
gaining enormous popularity I see more and more 'open books' made 
available in PDF only or mobi only formats etc.

GPL requires source as a pre-condition for 3 of its 4 freedoms I believe 
and I think that is for good reason. Derivatives require source. Without 
source derivatives are not realistic possibilities and PDF or other 
releases are nothing more than a 'mechanical' form of copyright protection.

I would actually like to see a source requirement in ND as well since it 
is impossible to transcode/transform into other formats sometimes 
without it. I am guessing that would be a less popular position however.

I also understand source doesnt apply to all media equally. However a 
'where applicable the source must be provided in a standardised and 
reusable format' would help matters a lot...


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