[cc-licenses] 4.0 draft ready for public comment

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Wed Apr 4 05:58:26 EDT 2012

Dear Diane (and other readers),

> We are pleased to announce that the first draft of 4.0 BY-NC-SA is ready
> for public comment.  Please see the announcement below.  We're eager to
> hear from you!
> http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/32157

We are still waiting for some feedback on an official compatibility
statement with the Free Art License 1.3 (granted, for the BY-SA, not the
BY-NC-SA). Are there any plans to address this matter soon?

Even if you haven't taken a definitive stance yet, some feedback or
comments would be welcome.

See my original message at:

Best regards


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