[cc-licenses] Raising the floor: suggesting a new CC-fair copyright, CC-free to use, redefinition of noncommercial and public domain

Gregor Hagedorn g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 00:34:13 EST 2011

Just on the NC-question:
a) I understand propose a new license. Changing the existing
NC-license to become more liberal is not possible, it would interfere
with existing contracts.

b) Exception for educational: This needs better definitions. Education
is a huge commercial market, I believe one cannot simply re-define the
entire sector per se as non-commercial.

c) Does cost recovery include all personell cost? (most agree that the
present NC-license permits this). Organisational overheads?
Advertisement cost for gaining new members of a non-profit/charitable

d) Profit through selling versus cost-recovery is non-trivial. It is
near impossible for existing non-profits to NOT make occasional
profits on the cost-recovery-charge for project A (and losses of
projects B). You can only plan for an average cost-recovery.  That is
why the rules for accepting charity/non-profit status for the purpose
of taxation are complex, and in a large part aim at whether the goals
of an organisation are supported by the state, and a continual
observance by taxation authorities that all gains are being
re-invested into the cause.


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