[cc-licenses] Articulating the commons: for the public domain, pro-noncommercial, and why require attribution?

Gregor Hagedorn g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 04:16:38 EST 2011


when you say "When people choose a noncommercial creative commons
license, that's all that this tells us."  I think you may be correctly
interpreting the intention of some users, but you misrepresent the
consequences. The consequences to potential re-users are specified in
the legal deed contract and this refers to "gaining commercial
advantages". We tried to analyze this in our recent publication
(Hagedorn et al, Zookeys 150) and my own conclusion is that the
results mean that very little organised re-use (including re-use by a
non-profit organisation, and where nothing is sold) is possible.

The license is mostly developed as an advertisement mechanism: Look
here, good stuff, if you want to use it in an organisational context
where you even only occasionally buy similar things, you need to buy
it from me (or the copyright owner). It is much more "this item is for
sale by the creator" than "not for sale".


PS:I cannot find a comment function on your blog.

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