[cc-licenses] Articulating the commons: for the public domain, pro-noncommercial, and why require attribution?

Heather Morrison hgmorris at sfu.ca
Mon Dec 26 22:33:26 EST 2011

Several contributions of mine that may be helpful in developing the  
Version 4.0 suite of licenses. Links to relevant blogposts follow.

Strengthen the opportunities to contribute directly to the public  
Three pictures, one small gift to everyone, with love
To everyone, with love

Noncommercial means noncommercial. It does not necessarily mean, I (or  
my organization) necessarily reserves commercial rights for myself.
Journals with good creative commons models (all either permit or  
require noncommercial)

Why require attribution?
Asks whether the idea of the individual author / creator is an  
invention of the Enlightenment that is becoming less relevant with the  
emergence of collaborative projects such as Wikipedia and Occupy.


Heather Morrison, MLIS
Doctoral Candidate, Simon Fraser University School of Communication
The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics

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