[cc-licenses] Time limited CC licenses for version 4.0 ?

Greg London email at greglondon.com
Fri Dec 23 11:47:51 EST 2011

sure, and I can write my own license that says "I release all rights to my work to the public domain", but google searching specifically for public domain works will never find it.  So I use CC-BY if I want folks to be able to search for it themselves.

If a work is marked TWAIN2020, then folks know it will be available under CC-BY after 2020. And they can search for it because rote license text doesnt require something that passes the Turing Test to figure out meaning. You just look for CC(\-\w+)+ and then look through $1 .. $9 for TWAIN.

Not to mention, a lot of folks dont understand copyright, which means they are less likely to do it on their own and more likely to do it if some group like CC provides the licence, a FAQ about the license, and a mailing list to have specific questions answered.

You can go into a lot of restaurants and just order a burger, but most people look at the menu and order based on what is listed there.  I think there is value to putting this on the menu, making it a CC option.


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>> The idea is to apply it to the condition, not the license. Limiting
>> the license would fall back to standard copyright = no publicly
>> licensed re-use.
> Yes, the title of this thread is confusing.  These shouldn't be
> referred to as time-limited licenses.
> A license is a grant of permission.
> These are more like time-activated licenses than time-limited ones.

Agreed. I also question the need for new licenses.

I can publish my work with a note that says: "if you receive this work
before date X, it's cc-by-nc, and if it's after date X, it's
cc-by-sa". We don't need new licenses. At most, we need new deeds, if
at all.

Just two cents.

Javier Candeira
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