[cc-licenses] Time limited CC licenses for version 4.0?

Micaela Gallerini mat.r.gl at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 02:01:12 EST 2011

hi all,

    I follow this mailing list from some years, but I never wrote. This
discussion is very interesting for many authors. I would like to put some
thoughts like authors. I don't use techinical language deliberately, I'm
not a lawyer and I apologize with you for my bad english.
It's a couple of years I ask myself if there is a possibility to leave all
my work to public domain after my death.
One of the problem that I would like to raise is the expiration date, this
is fine if you have published a few things, if you published a book, or at
most ten or ten articles , an author is able to handle the expiration date.
When the publications are starting to be over 20 or 330, we think of the
song writers or designers, manage due dates for both single song or pitcure
become almost impossible to remember the exact date of each product
published. Regardless of wheter the rest of the world's interests or not
the work performed by that particular author.
The second problem is, as mentioned by some of you, you would create the
discrepancy between the previous license and the future. Let me explain, I
as author decide that a product I want is not commercial and can not be
changed, this affects the moral of the author who thinks that his product
is to be made that way to the public domain. Once the license is moving
into the public domain, to compel an author to edit his work also editable
by anyone, for example, in my opinion become a brutal imposition invades
the sphere of the author himself, then something immoral and bordering on
the violation of human rights.
I've put a copyright license for my own reason and I want to remain so even
if in the public domain. After all how many of us would change Plato or
Aristotle? Can I write something that enhances their initial work from what
they have written making it much, but change a piece of any of their
writings for any other author would be an abomination.
Now, it is tru that not all authors will become newly Plato or Aristotle,
but I think everyone has the same right to write whatever they want and has
the same right as the rich and famous authors to be able to see his work
run with the correct license and to remain so as he thought of it.
At this point I can suggest one thing, instead of creating a license with
an expiration date, you could create a public domain license of death (PUD,
for my underwritten example naturally).
In this way the author has no logistics problems of all his works and does
not even have to create databases or files of any kind. It is known that
the death of all that he wrote or produced, was also the day before his
death, becomes public domain.
You could combine with other licenses, for example, by-nc-PUD, or
by-sa-PUD, etcetera, in this way, the author may select the license of his
moral and the type of work that has created more suited to its needs
withour frustrating for anyone.

I hope to  be able to properly explain.

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