[cc-licenses] New on the list - suggestion for extra option in cc-licenses

Joeri Oudshoorn mail at joerioudshoorn.nl
Fri Jan 23 10:02:54 EST 2009

Dear core people of creative commons,

Can I suggest one extra option to choose in any cc-licenced work. This  
option would be that the user is obliged to inform the author of the  
use. It would be a reversed BY, where not the reader is informed of  
the author, but the author of what is done with his work or where it  
has been published. I suggest the code 'IN' - from inform author.

Apart from this being interesting for an author, it could be used to  
make sure that the author can prove how much his or her piece is used.  
In the future, this information can be used by the author to get  
subsidies or other signs of respect. Could this be taken in discussion  
and maybe be included in cc 4.0?

Of course this inform should be easily possible by the user, probably  
in an automated way. For example, by adding an email address in the  
inform clause. Or by adding a specific unique reference for each  
inform-claused work that can be sent to the author. This will take  
time to develop and discuss, but my intention right now is first to  
discuss the principle of an INform author clause as an option in CC.

It can very well be that this has been already discussed in depth, but  
I could not find this discussion. If someone knows about this  
discussion and the arguments not to do this, please let me know with a  
link to that discussion as an answer to this list. If I am on the  
wrong place with this topic, please let me know where it should be  

I am Dutch, interested in this subject very much and thinking how this  
can and will effect society on a long run. It is highly interesting!

Joeri Oudshoorn

Joeri Oudshoorn
mail at joerioudshoorn.nl

+31 6 45472961
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