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Either way, from the strict legal sense, in Chile we have a important  
legal problem waiving patrimonial rights. While art. 11 of  
Copyright Law stablish the waive of all patrimonial rights as a public  
domain situation, art. 86 stand all the patrimonial rights as  
unrenunciable by authors (??).

We've been in our National Congress debating the reform of copyright  
law and this is certainly a very important situation that we've  
pointed, but there's not solution at this time. I think this legal  
situation must be solved before spread CC0 in Chile. Sadly :(


El 25-01-2008, a las 16:54, Evan Prodromou escribió:

> On Fri, 2008-01-25 at 10:06 +0000, Jordan S Hatcher wrote:
>> I think that the key difference from a legal standpoint is that the
>> current CC PD dedication covers only copyright and that CCZero waiver
>> covers other rights as well (and not just database rights).
>> From probably a more practical standpoint, the key difference is
>> that the PD dedication has been forked into a waiver and an  
>> assertion.
> Maybe it'd be best to say that CC0 is the next iteration of the PD
> declaration.
>      * It's based on firmer legal principles.
>      * It's designed for international use.
>      * It's more thorough and extensive.
> I think the message there is pretty good.
> -Evan
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