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Hi Edward,

I explored the use of the CC Developing Nations License with a number of the
big UK publishers back in 2006. The conclusion was that it did not work for
them. As Andrew Rens suggests, the new CC+ on top of existing CC licenses
holds out a lot of promise. I think you might have some success with CC
non-commercial licenses, but I know OLPC would prefer a less restricted

Frances Pinter
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On 21/1/08 21:40, "Edward Cherlin" <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm new to this list. Among my projects are volunteering with One
> Laptop Per Child; organizing Earth Treasury, a non-profit for linking
> schools around the world and teaching the students how to go into
> sustainable international business together; and Open Hardware
> development.
> I just found out that the CC-Developing Nations license has been
> dropped. I was about to start talking to publishers about CC-DN
> licenses for textbooks and educational content for the One Laptop Per
> Child XO computer. This seems to me to be a clear case where we need a
> license that isn't globally free.
> There will be entirely free materials for children using XOs from a
> number of sources, but it will take time to build them up. I think we
> need a way to ease commercial publishers into the idea.
> What do you think, Sirs?
> --
> Edward Cherlin
> End Poverty at a Profit by teaching children business
> http://www.EarthTreasury.org/
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