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Hi Edward

One project which is addressing this is PALM Africa, (Publishing and
Alternative Licensing Model of Africa run by Frances Pinter. The project
aims to first
investigate how alternative publishing models for learning materials
will benefit both publishers and developing countries.

There will be a node on the iCommons site shortly.

Of course this isn't the only project working on this issue.
Using CC+ i.e. automated customised licences, on top of
existing CC licences, is a promising approach which would reward
further investigation.

Andrew Rens
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On 21/01/2008, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm new to this list. Among my projects are volunteering with One
> Laptop Per Child; organizing Earth Treasury, a non-profit for linking
> schools around the world and teaching the students how to go into
> sustainable international business together; and Open Hardware
> development.
> I just found out that the CC-Developing Nations license has been
> dropped. I was about to start talking to publishers about CC-DN
> licenses for textbooks and educational content for the One Laptop Per
> Child XO computer. This seems to me to be a clear case where we need a
> license that isn't globally free.
> There will be entirely free materials for children using XOs from a
> number of sources, but it will take time to build them up. I think we
> need a way to ease commercial publishers into the idea.
> What do you think, Sirs?
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> Edward Cherlin
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> http://www.EarthTreasury.org/
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