[cc-licenses] Seeking feedback on Tranche's CC0 beta implementation.

Jayson Falkner jfalkner at umich.edu
Sat Feb 2 17:16:34 EST 2008

I'm writing on behalf of the Tranche team. Based on the recent CC0 
chooser changes we're revamped Tranche to be what hope is a good example 
of a CC0 supporting tool. Some documentation is now on-line, and I'd 
really appreciate hearing feedback from users, particularly those who 
don't yet know about Tranche.

1. Does our CC0 documentation seem user friendly and intuitive?
2. Is it clear how Tranche benefits CC0 users?

Thanks to all who help. Please send comments directly to me: 
jfalkner at umich.edu.

Tranche CC0 Implementation Documentation:

Tranche Homepage:

Jayson Falkner
jfalkner at umich.edu

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