[cc-licenses] Lawsuit over Virgin Mobile's and Ethical Use

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Fri Sep 28 12:21:51 EDT 2007

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We have had some recent discussions on the desirability/usefulness to
have an 'ethical use' clause as a possible add on to cc licenses

I can chose, attribution, non commercial, non derivative, sharealike
but nothing prevents a third party to use an image for something that
I do not approve of (in an unethical marketing campaign or an
unethical website etc)

In the story below I expect Virgin in turn can sue its Advertising
Agency, but thats beside the point

How do I go about adding an 'ethical use' clause, Your Honors?

On 9/28/07, Moui <poomjit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I do not know if any of you have read this article yet.  It is about the
> Virgin Mobile (Australia), Flickr and CC.
> http://www.out-law.com/page-8494

Paola Di Maio
School of IT

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