[cc-licenses] Share-alike != Copyleft ?

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Mon Feb 12 18:49:05 EST 2007

On Monday 12 February 2007 10:19 am, Terry Hancock wrote:
> Erik Moeller wrote:
> > On 2/12/07, Terry Hancock <hancock at anansispaceworks.com> wrote:
> >>It would be ruinous to the movement if, for example, it became
> >>impossible to use (i.e. reference) GFDL, By-SA, FAL, By, Expat, and/or
> >>GPL images in a single HTML document.  In fact, in my own experience, it
> >>has been generally bad enough even that I can't combine GFDL images with
> >> CC-By-SA images within Gimp for use with an article.  We don't need a
> >>stronger copyleft than that.
> >
> > This can be dealt with by simply prescribing that works used in a
> > semantic interdependency must be all under a "compatible license",
> > using a similar whitelist that is now being developed for CC-BY-SA
> > 3.0. The works remain separately licensed, but copyleft requires that
> > they all are _freely_ licensed.
> Which is conceptually similar to policy documents like the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines which determine whether works are "free enough" to
> be included in the Debian distribution.
> I guess the point is that, even if there is some possibility of copyleft
> binding on "semantically linked" works that it should not be as strong
> as the copyleft on truly derived works.
> In fact, if such "semantic linking" were to be regarded as an
> intermediate copyleft state, then it would be both more consistent and
> more useful to include synching audio with video in that category. ISTM
> that a person who puts music under a By-SA license would not be
> concerned if the music is used with a movie released under a different
> (but still "free") license.

No, this is something I would object to with my stuff. With a different but 
sufficiently strong copyleft license? I would probably go for that. With 
essentially a BY licensed movie? I doubt it. If the BY applies to the movie 
as a whole. My stuff would end up BY and then all rights reserved with 
someone else holding the rights. No thanks.

This really is a hairy issue, isn't it.
> Don't know if the copyright laws would allow that, though.
> Cheers,
> Terry

all the best,

(da idea man)

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