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The point of bullet 2 seems to have
been misunderstood. I suggested that
the anti-tpm clause be put in just the
ShareAlike license because that's the
one that needs protection from forks.

All the market economy licenses
NC, ND, don't really care about
forks because the license maintains
the original creator at an advantage.
The community isn't being protected
by the license, the creator is.

CC-BY is a community license, but it
allows proprietary forking, so why
not allow DRM forking. It's like the
BSD license or a Public Domain license
that allows the work to be taken private,
so CC-BY doesn't need an anti-TPM clause.

CC-SA is specifically for protecting a community
by preventing proprietary forking. TPM can be
used to implement forking without violating
a simple ShareAlike license with no anti-tpm clause.
Therefore, it is only the ShareAlike license that needs
the anti-tpm clause to prevent tpm to be used to
fork a sharealike work.

Since the anti-tpm clause is a problem for some
people, I suggested using it only in the ShareAlike
license so as to minimize the problem.

Greg London

(paste from PDF)

2. Parallel Distribution
The anti-TPM provision should only be
included in ShareAlike licenses
because all licenses other than
ShareAlike allow a work to be put
under a more restrictive license. You
could conceivably roll the work into an
All Rights Reserved license as long as
you don't violate the original license
The difference between putting a
derivative under an “all rights
reserved” license and into a TPMed
system is that, typically, an “all
rights reserved” license lets you
engage in fair use and fair dealing.
To date, no TPM systems allow this.

> So this is a bit delayed but as usual there has been some great and
> varied debate about the proposed amendments to the CC US license 3.0
> and the new generic (http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-licenses/
> 2006-August/003855.html)...
> As with previous attempts to garner everyone's views, I've tried to
> let people resolve the issues and concerns amongst themselves
> (possibly better than I could) and then have just tried to highlight
> those issues and concerns that I thought were still outstanding and
> not fully resolved on the list.  This still brings us to a 16 page
> table of comments & responses....but if there are any that people
> think have been missed or not adequately resolved, then please advise.
> Cheers, Mia
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