[cc-licenses] license draft usage scenario questions

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Tue Oct 31 09:42:24 EST 2006

Greg London wrote:
> Are you talking hypotheticals?

> If you're simply looking for corner cases that break a license,
> please indicate that you're talking about a hypothetical situation.
> Because dealing with a hypothetical as if it were real is wasting my
> time. Hypothetically, a seatbelt might snag and trap a person in
> their burning car and cause them to die a horrible death. But the
> statistics of the real world show that your chances of surviving a
> car crash are much better if you wear a seatbelt.

You should read the original post more carefully, Greg.  Jörg was quite
up front about his situation. He was choosing a license for his own work.

So, yes, these are hypothetical cases. He wants to understand the
consequences of certain license choices.  I think he's merely basing
these on a real-world example ("so far, this happened in the past").

I also get the impression that he is undecided about the anti-TPM case,
and is trying to understand that in general, as well.

I can see where you might get the idea that he's trolling for a
particular position, but as far as he has gone, I think this is a
question of understanding more than lobbying.  So I vote for cutting him
a little slack. ;-)


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