[cc-licenses] license draft usage scenario questions

Jörg Zastrau dl1bku at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 19:28:48 EST 2006


I believe the thread petered out. Regarding my intentions starting the
whole thing in the first place:

I am currently searching for a fitting license for a work of mine as
stated earlier.
I found the current draft of the CC license extremely difficult to
understand. In particular, I didn't fully understand the implications
of the anti-TPM clause and the problems surrounding the parallel
distribution proposal. I don't think the problem is well thought out.

It happened that I had a particular real-world licensing issue -
except that it didn't involve TPM (the device in question was able to
play ogg files). This problem is solved now thanks to the input from
the list and also helped to learn about TPM by example.

I felt that I had to respond to issues raised in this thread rendering
it indeed a corner case for the license in order to fully understand
the anti-TPM clause and whether it still holds in extreme cases (evil
companies will try to exploit this clause - no doubt about it).

> [Greg]
> Are you talking hypotheticals?
> [,,]
> Because dealing with a hypothetical as if it were real is wasting my time.
> [..]

sorry for wasting your time

I'll take a step back to form my own view on TPM and "free" content.


Jörg Zastrau
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