[cc-licenses] license draft usage scenario questions

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Sun Oct 29 12:49:43 EST 2006

Jörg Zastrau skrev:
>> [Peter]
>> To avoid any misunderstandings:
>> DRM/TPM encryption is allowed as long as it's for *private use*, you may
>> not prevent others from using the work. Copying a work to a DRM
>> protected platform is OK if you are the end user. "Private distribution"
>> is a misleading description since it implies that it's ok to distribute
>> such a DRM/TPM encrypted work to friends etc.
> or in other words: I cannot do this - only Larry can.
> partial fix (and hereby invoking other issues): parallel distribution
> disclaimer: I am aware that my example is a bit far-fetched. The issue
> at hand is one of "convenience".
> Joerg Zastrau

To "distribute" is to make a work available to the general public. 
Copying is not distribution. If you copy a CC licensed work from your 
computer to a friend's DRM protected device there's no problem, it's 
still just copying. It doesn't matter to the licensor whether you or 
Larry performs the copying operation. What neither you nor Larry may do 
is to make the DRM encrypted work available for download.

/Peter Brink

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