[cc-licenses] license draft usage scenario questions

Jörg Zastrau dl1bku at amsat.org
Sun Oct 29 11:55:22 EST 2006

>> [drew]
>> Give an example device with its abilities and restrictions and let's see how
>> things shape up.
>> [..]
>> Like I say, I just got back in the loop, but I feel that the "device under
>> discussion" keeps morphing and so the issue gets muddy.

I agree that my generalization was premature. So let me rephrase the
usage scenario with focus on the DRM-issue alleging that the
envisioned device exists.

Larry Lerner is technologically impaired. He likes to listen to some
by-sa licensed audio on his DRM-enabled device. He has a personal key
that allows him to sign off non-DRM work and use it on his device. He
relies on me as a friend that I download the work on his device as he
has no clue how to do it himself.

I take his device to my home, sign-off the by-sa licensed work and
return the device now loaded with the by-sa-drm work back to Larry.

(this is what I called "private distribution")

>>> [me]
>>> [..] Most of my concerns are invalidated if DRM/TPM it is
>>> allowed for "private distribution".
>> [drew]
>> I think this may be a "wording issue" or a misunderstanding. DRM/TPM may be
>> allowed for private application. I don't recall it being allowed
for "private
>> distribution".
> [Peter]
> To avoid any misunderstandings:
> DRM/TPM encryption is allowed as long as it's for *private use*, you may
> not prevent others from using the work. Copying a work to a DRM
> protected platform is OK if you are the end user. "Private distribution"
> is a misleading description since it implies that it's ok to distribute
> such a DRM/TPM encrypted work to friends etc.

or in other words: I cannot do this - only Larry can.
partial fix (and hereby invoking other issues): parallel distribution

disclaimer: I am aware that my example is a bit far-fetched. The issue
at hand is one of "convenience".

Joerg Zastrau

Jörg Zastrau
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